Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Useful URL's

Wi-Fi-FreeSpot™ Directory

SubTitles For Movies

Download Songs From Myspace
Live Cams On Google(Stream Active Webcams From Around The World To Your PC)
For example if you type into the Google searchbox exactly this :
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On typing the above youll get many results and...Bingo!!You'll be viewing mall webcams, office cams,science lab cams...etc
Remember to refresh to get new images...

Watch The Latest Films Online And Download Them Too

Moving Weather Map

Mobile Appz,Games And Stuff related

eBook Search Engine

Avatars Land

(Music)Games Music Website
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A site that allows you to download the awesome background scores(songs) of the various games that you've played .

Convert Files Online
You'll may find this site very useful.
Media-Convert is 100% free. No software is needed, and you don't have to register.

How to convert a file ?
To convert a file located on your computer : Check File mode, click Browse and choose the file, select input format (if autodetection fails) and output format, submit the form.
To convert a file located on a webserver : Check URL mode, enter the file URL, select input and output format.

Printable Paper
This site allows you a quick and easy way to print your own custom format paper.It contains formats such as legal paper,graph paper,lined college paper,music paper and each come with their own subcategories.So all you do is download the free pdf format of the paper you desire and print it to get your own customized sheet.

(Streaming 845 TV Channels)

'Rapidshare' Link Generator Sites and Scripts

Free SMS Anywhere
A very good website that allows you, after a FREE registration, to send unlimited SMSs all over the world.With this service you can also make FREE calls, but this is limited to the points you can gain in month/s. (100 jax/month).

Missing DDL Files or Errors

Movie Trailers Database

Tricks and Tips for The Blogger

iPhone Tips And Tricks

Miscellaneous Tips And Tricks

Making Money Online

Create Your Own Fonts Online

Change You're Phone's Voicemail Like Never Before

20 Online Virus Scanners

Send an Anonymous E-mail

Full Movies on Google Videos
Here's a cool trick to find full length movies on Google videos.

Web's Largest Database Of FAQ's

How can you connect your computer to your TV?What is autism?What are the average scores in GRE,TOEFL and GPA?Throw a question at this site and it spits out the answer.With over five million questions and answers its no wonder that QueryCat claims to be the Web's largest database of FAQ's.

File Uploading Sites

Ghost Stories,Photographs Database

Free Megashare Lifetime Premium Membership Account(Contributed By A User On PW)
Site URL:
Password: 449d4a0a38457

A good choice for a homepage with features like a multi super search (without any traces) , entertainment ,tutorials etc.

Make Free Calls
Using this VOIP program, you can call landline numbers in any country for FREE.
FreeCall is still a Freeware app but you only get 300 minutes a week.

To bypass this restriction:
Keep the setup.exe. Freecall's protection system is quite flawed, when the program announces you cannot use any more minutes = Uninstall and reinstall and it will reset your 300 minutes which only takes a moment.
A) You MUST make an account with the program when it loads up. Then when your logged in (it will say at the bottom: 'The client is logged on')
B) Go to the dial pad TAB, ignore the on screen buttons, at the bottom type in your number and remember you need to add country codes at the beginning - NO spaces in the number either.
C) And it does do all countries for free - Ive used it from France to Singapore,England,USA,Australia and my friends have done it back too.
D) If it didn't work, you need to check your firewall settings etc, a rather obvious reaction, nevertheless a program like this needs full access.

Search Engines For File Sharing Sites


This one is for the kids.Cubeecraft offers some well made papercraft toys of popular characters like Mario,Indiana Jones,Batman,IronMan etc.All you have to do is simply download the PDF file,take an A4 print-out,and cut and fold as per the instructions- yep no need for tape or glue!And remember to keep coming back cause there's a new character every week.


URL shortening services provides short alias names to redirect lengthy URLs. For instance the lengthy URL to tiny url.

Industry doesn't want you to look - Choose Vegetarian

IP Search


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