Thursday, September 11, 2008

Application Testing

Testing of software applications is a critical phase in systems delivery and requires proven methods to validate the application meets the stated functional requirements and standards.

And software quality is of major concern to organizations: application failure is costly and time consuming while perceived stability and confidence of the application is jeopardized.

Testing and quality assurance (QA) services throughout the development and life cycle. Testing and QA methodology comprises the following range of services to consistently support successful project delivery:

# Test planning and development of testing strategies, test scenarios and test cases;
# Integration and systems testing;
# Functionality and regression testing;
# Usability, information-architecture and workflow testing;
# Compatibility testing including OS, browser, network configurations and end-user environment;
# Performance testing including load and stress testing, application tuning; and
# QA Consulting:
- Setting up and streamlining QA processes and methodologies;
- Tool evaluation and induction based on the operational environment and requirements; and
- Providing experienced and skilled QA leadership and testing to augment or establish client QA teams.

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