Wednesday, November 5, 2008

QA Process and Offering

In todays business environment, compressed development schedules are a commonplace to meet time-to-market deadlines. Implementation of software risk management through all stages of a development cycle is essential for successful software product/application development. Our customized software risk management services encompass project, product and process related risks. We are a quality driven enterprise working with various quality tools staring from Mercury to others that are used on a regular basis.

Our software risk management framework includes:

• Development lifecycle study.
• Risk identification.
• Risk analysis.
• Risk mitigation strategy & Implementation.
• Risk monitoring.

Based on this model, we offer:

• Software Risk Management & Analysis.
• Full Lifecycle Testing.
• Black Box Testing.
• White Box Testing.
• Test Automation.
• Security Testing.

A Peek into our QA Process

 Testing Life Cycle

Full Lifecycle Testing

Early detection of software defects can result in huge time and cost savings for any enterprise. Software testing at every stage of software development life cycle can prevent defect occurrence and ensure reliable software development for businesses. we provide full life cycle testing services for product and application development life cycles. Our services include:

• Unit Testing.
• Integration Testing.
• System Testing.
• Regression Testing.
• Acceptance Testing.
• Test Management.

Black Box Testing

Verification and validation of software products and applications for functional and non-functional requirements forms the basis of Black-Box testing methodology. Software products and applications are tested for functionality, performance, platform & data compatibility and ease of use through this methodology. our black box testing methodology covers the following:

• Functionality Testing.
• GUI Testing.
• Performance Testing.
• Stress and Load Testing.
• Compatibility Testing.
• Installation Testing.

White Box Testing

White box testing improves the testability of a software product by making testing more effective and efficient. Many modules and subsystems of a software project require testing in isolation. White box testing achieves this by testing every single line of code of individual components of software products and applications. our provides white box testing services for applications developed using any language. Our services include:

• Code Coverage.
• Path Coverage.
• Code Analysis.

Test Automation

Software testing is often perceived as a bottleneck operation in the software delivery process. Automation testing solves this problem by drastically reducing testing cycle times. Automation testing requires thorough study of development process and software solution architecture, selection of suitable test automation tools and implementation of test automation. our test automation services encompass white-box as well as black box testing methodologies. Our test automation framework includes:

• Study of Development Process and Solution Architecture.
• Automation Test Strategy.
• Selection of Appropriate Testing Tools.
• Test Automation Implementation.
• Siri also develops customized test automation tools for specific client

Security Testing

In today’s networked business environment, users access many enterprise applications over public networks. These applications contain confidential business data, which needs to be protected from unauthorized and unauthenticated access. Many enterprise applications and data are vulnerable to external and internal threats. we provides security-testing services for software products, applications and enterprise data. Our security testing services include:

• Application Vulnerability Assessment.
• Risk Identification.

Our application software testing and quality assurance services are designed for accelerated time-to-market and reduced costs.

Software Testing - Bug Life Cycle

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