Wednesday, December 10, 2008

B2B – Business to Business Integration Software

B2B (Business to Business) describes any business that sells products or provides services to another business. Business to Business integration software enables companies to manage the integration and automation of business processes with key suppliers, partners, and customers via the Internet. It does this by allowing new and existing information systems to communicate with each other in a common language and framework. iWay Software supports B2B integration initiatives through a network of connectors and adapters as well as through the universal language of XML.

Connectors transport application requests through the iWay infrastructure where they are routed to adapters, transformed, and optimized for the desired data source. Adapters then return the requested information to the appropriate connector that hands it back over to the requesting application. Using this method, iWay connectors enable virtually any application to reach enterprise transaction systems, procedures, application packages, and data in more than 300 relational, nonrelational, ERP, and proprietary sources on over 35 platforms.

iWay Service Manager provides a simple, cost-effective XML framework that ties this all together. For more complex B2B implementations, iWay provides native support for application servers and integration brokers from such vendors as IBM, Microsoft, and BEA.
Glossary of Related Terms

Adapters (Data Adapters, Application Adapters)
B2B (B2B Software, Business to Business Integration, Business to Business)
BI Software
BI Systems (BI Services)
BI Technology (B.I. Technologies)
BI Tools
BizTalk Server (BizTalk Integration, BizTalk Adapters )
Business Integration
Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence Software, Business Intelligence Solution)
Compliance (Compliance Reporting, Regulatory Reporting)
Data Analysis
Database Integration (Data Integration, Enterprise Data Integration)
Decision Support (Decision Support System, Decision Support Systems, DSS)
EAI (Enterprise Application Integration, Enterprise Integration)
e-Business (eBusiness, e-Business Software)
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP Adapters, ERP Systems, ERP Integration)
ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)
ETL (Extract, Transform, Load, ETL Tools, ETL Software)
Extended Enterprise
Information Delivery
Integration (Enterprise Integration, Systems Integration, Integration Software)
IT Infrastructure (Infrastructure Software)
Key Performance Indicators (Developing KPIs)
Messaging (Messaging Integration, Messaging Technology)
OLAP (Online Analytical Processing, OLAP Tools)
Real-Time Reporting
Reporting (Web Reporting, Enterprise Reporting, Reporting Tools)
Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA, SOA and EAI, SOA and Java, SOA Adapters)
Web Services (Web Services integration, Web Services EAI)

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