Saturday, May 23, 2009

Guide: Testing Mobile Applications with HP QTP

Can we test mobile applications using QTP?


Yes. Jamo Solution’s, M-eux test provides scripting environment to test certain mobile Operating Systems using QTP.
What are the mobile operating systems supported by M-eux test for QTP?

1. Windows Mobile 6.x Professional edition.
2. Windows Mobile 6.x Classic edition.
3. Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC edition.

Which versions of QTP supports mobile OS testing?

According to M-eux product datasheet, QTP 9.2 and QTP 9.5 supports mobile OS testing.
What are the salient features of M-eux?

The scripts created using M-eux are independent from the device hardware characteristics. Here is an extract from their product data sheet.

Supported Mobile OS:

* Windows Mobile 6.x Professional Edition
* Windows Mobile 6.x Classic Edition
* Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC

Supported GUI Objects:

* Microsoft Foundation Classes for Windows Mobile.
* Microsoft Compact Framework GUI objects
* HTML Web classes (through web addon)

Supported version:

QuickTest Professional Versions 9.2 and 9.5

Extended support CF .Net GUI objects:

* Access from the script to .Net source code class attributes and methods.
* Identification by internal .Net name

Manufacturer independent:
Supports Windows Mobile
independent from hardware

Pocket Internet Explorer support:

* Supports automation of web/WAP access.
* Supports HTML objects.

System functions:

* Access to process information
* Access to system information
* Access to radio cell information
* Access to network information
* Access to application information

Monitor functions:

* Concurrent execution on multiple devices.
* Pre-defined functions to measure voice call, SMS, e-mail and others.

Where can we find more information on Jamo Solution’s M-eux test?

Following links can be of interest:

* Official Jamo Solution website.
* M-eux test overview.
* M-eux product datasheet. (pdf)
* M-eux evaluation version.
* M-eux Demo

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Anonymous said...

You should also check out DeviceAnyhwere ( They have a significantly vast number of devices available to test, covering all mobile platforms. They have a good integration with HP QTP/QC. They have a HW-based approach to device integration which is much more stable, robust and reliable than other solutions out there. Worth a try.