Thursday, July 23, 2009

Change Your Browser Homepage and See Something New Everyday

When it comes to choosing a homepage for the browser, we all have different preferences. Some people prefer a blank start page (as it loads immediately), some may be using a search engine for the home page while others may have set multiple homepages as it helps them check all their favorites sites in one go.

The only problem is that these are all static start page so you will always see the same website every time you open the browser. If you find this setting boring or monotonous, here are some web addresses that will show you something new and interesting each time you open the browser.

1. Flickr Photos - This will load a random set of most interesting pictures from Flickr, the photo sharing website.

2. Wikipedia - This will open some random article from the Wikipedia Encyclopedia - replace "en" in the URL to see articles in your own language - de for Deutsch, es for EspaƱol, it for Italiano and so on.

3. Digg - This will load a random web page that was also popular on Digg. This will work even if you hide the Diggbar.

4. Delicious - This will open a web page that has recently gone popular on Delicious, the social bookmarking website. You can also tweak the delicious URL to load web pages related to your own interests. For instance, will only show cricket related websites in the start page.

5. Dictionary - Learn the meaning of some new English word every time you load the browser. Available for most other popular languages as well including Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Persian (Farsi), etc.

6. StumbleUpon - This will open a random website that is popular among members of the StumbleUpon community. You can also add topics or URLs to the StumbleUpon bookmark to limit the level of randomness.

For instance, will only display pictures from while will show web pages that are under the "business" category.

Just drag any of these URLs to the browser’s home icon and prepare yourself to see something unexpected each time you open the web browser.

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