Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quality & Testing for Financial Services

Unparalleled financial services domain expertise to our testing engagements. We have experience testing key applications for the world’s largest banks, insurers and investment firms and have developed a wealth of proprietary tools and accelerators to streamline your testing processes.

  • For banking, our testing accelerators cover common processes for commercial lending, cards processing and payments. We have an extensive library of test cases, scenarios, use cases and automated scripts including models for VisionPLUS®, SWIFT, and TSYS®
  • For capital markets, we developed industry-leading tools for FIX protocol testing and Calypso in addition to accelerators to test systems for investment banking, asset and wealth management, brokerage services, custodian operations, and exchanges.
  • For insurance, we have use cases, test scenarios and automated scripts to handle common tasks for underwriting, policy administration and claims management. Our accelerators for specific insurance applications include model based testing assets for Guidewire. Our Pega Testing Toolkit helps lower testing time for Pega-based business process management applications through automation.

Measurable Results

Capgemini combines world-class testing expertise and global financial services domain experience to streamline testing for customized or commercial off the shelf applications. We have helped our clients:

  • Optimize quality assurance processes to reduce post production defects by 25% or more
  • Develop testing management programs that reduce post production defects by 25%, test execution time by 15%, and testing preparation time by 20% with 0% defect leakage to production
  • Reduce test failures due to unavailable test data by 70%
  • Achieve 15% overall project savings through the use of defect prediction modeling
  • Lower testing time for commercial software by as much as 30%

Proven Solutions for Financial Institutions

  • Model Based Testing Workbench. A tool driven approach to automate test design and accelerate testing for commercial financial services applications. By using pre-defined models, Capgemini helped a European bank increase test coverage by 300% and created over 2,600 test cases in one month.
  • Quality Blueprint. A customized assessment which measures the maturity level of your test organization against industry benchmarks. Using our proprietary, historical database of assessments, Capgemini benchmarks your company against the financial services industry across 22 dimensions and provides a roadmap with recommendations to move to the next level of maturity.
  • Managed Testing Services. A collaborative approach to sourcing testing and QA services, managed testing services provide financial services firms with a way to transform their testing function and achieve high-quality systems cost-effectively, without losing overall control or incurring expensive overhead costs.

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